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Composer: Eggert, Moritz
Opus/Year: (2017)
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: 2 BlFl (Melodika), E-Git, Vc, Schreibmaschine
Premiere performance: 19.10.2017 / Berlin / D / Neukllner Oper / Musiker von "Freiraum Syndikat" und Tanzcompagnie "Balleto Civile"


Peachum's Song
Beauty must be paid
Dance I
Diamonds are a whore's best friend
Dance II
Macheath is my man
Wait till the Tillerman comes
Dance III
Dreaming a dream of you
Bleib bei mir, kleine Sonne
We'll keep whoring till the end
Enjoy yourself
Dance IV
Behind the green door
It's later than you think
They call it Dharma in Mandalay
It doesn't end like that
Twang Dang Dillo Dee
The power of love
Dance V
Giocatori sono amici
How to make a living
Dance VI
Gute Freunde
Dance VII
In the days of my youth
Dance VIII
I'm like a little ship
The bile of men
Dance IX
Every month was May
Dance X
Cercatene un altro
Nun geh' ich ein in die Dunkelheit
Dance XI
Adieu, Farewell
Dance XII