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DIE SCHNECKE. A German musical comedy

Composer: Eggert, Moritz
Lyricists: Neuenfels, Hans
Playing time: 120:00
Opus/Year: (2004)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 3(Picc,AFl),BlFl(Garklein,Sopranino,SBlFl,ABlFl,TBlFl,BBlFl),3(EnglHorn),3(BKlar),TSax,3(KFag) - 4,4,3(2TPos,BPos),1 - Pk (4), 4 Schl (I: Fuballtrte, Conga, Rassel, Rainmaker, 5 Holzbl, Hi-hat, gr.Bk, kl.Tam-t, PlattenGl, Glsp, Marimba, Donnerblech, Windmaschine, Klebestreifen zum Abziehen* - II: 2 Timbales, Peitsche, Flex, 4 Tempelbl, E-Klingel, Guiro, Hammer, Tamb, kl.Tr**, Talking Drum, gr.Tam-t, Vibr, Blasebalg, Wasserkanne mit Schale, gr.hg.Metallspirale, Schleimgerusch*, Luftballons*, Plattenspieler* - III: Shell Chimes, Clav, E-Klingel, Kurbelratsche, Mundsirene, Tabla oder Rototom, Stand-Tom, kl.Tr, chinesische Bk, kl.Gong, RhrenGl, Bohrmaschine [und kl. Brett], Sand in Tamb, Sandpapier* - IV: Trgl, Froschknacker, Vibra-Slap, LotusFl, Maracas, Schellen, Bambuspendelrassel, kl.Mundsirene, 4 Holzbl, Bongo, Stand-Tom, 4 Tomt, gr.Tr, gr.Gong, Quitscheentchen, Luftballons, Rumpeltonne), 2 E-Git, BGit, Harfe, Klav/Keyboard, Cel/Cemb, Akk, Streicher (12/10/8/6/4), Tonbandeinspielungen *verstrkt ** gemeinsam mit Schl II Kleine Version: 2(Picc),2,2(BKlar),2(KFag) - 3,2,2,1 - Pk, 2 Schl (I: Trgl, Claves, Shell Chimes, Holzbl, Tomt, kl.Tr, gr.Tam-t, Talking drum, Ratsche, Bongos, Glsp, Vibr, Donnerblech, gr.hg.Metallspirale, Rainmaker, Blasebalg, Sandpapier, Luftballons, Klebestreifen, Quietscheentchen, kl.Tonne mit Kies, Rassel, LotosFl, Fuballtrte - II: Trgl, Flex, 3 Tomt, Guiro, Tamb, Hammer, gr.Gong, Maracas, Ratsche, Tempelbl, kl.Gong, chinesische Bk, Luftballons, Mundsirene, Froschknacker, Rototom, Bambuspendelrassel, Schellen, Lappen in Wassereimer), Harfe, E-Git, B-Git, 2 Klav, Streicher (6/6/4/3/2)
Premiere performance: 13.06.2004 / D


There were once two brothers from a very rich family, the unscrupulous Edgar and the sensitive Manfred, who is rejected by the parents for being a loser. They place all their hopes in Edgar, who, however, usurps the their fortune, and, finally, throws them out of the villa and enjoys a successful political career. Manfred joins the snail, the reject. At a liberal ball the sexes intermingle and the identities are temporarily dissolved. In the merciless struggle for power, Arthur and Maria kill their son Edgar and his girlfriend. The retuning Manfred takes deadly revenge on his parents the snails are victorious.

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