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It is Hard for a Sailor to be Without a Boat ...
Sailor Song from the Operetta "Free Wind" for choi

Composer: Dunayevsky, Isaak
Lyricists: Winnikov, Viktor / Kracht, Wladimir / Tipot
Playing time: 74:00
Genre: Operetta
Instrumentation: 2,1,2,1 - 3,2,2,1 - Pk, Schl (Trgl, Tamb, HolzTr, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Gl, Gong, Tam-t, Xyl), Harfe, Streicher (mindestens 6/4/4/3/2)


The poor partisan widow Klementina lives with her daughter Stella in a port town on the Mediterranean. Klementina no longer knows how to pay the rent for her little house. She is therefore overjoyed when the rich shipping company manager Stan asks for Stellas hand. The latter, however, is not interested in Stan, for she loves the sailor Janko. A farewell party is being prepared for the sailors in the pub Seventh Heaven; they are about to set off for a long voyage. While sailors organise a collection for the needy Klementina, all speak of the partisan Stefan, who is generally celebrated as a hero of the people but the police are looking for him as a criminal. Stella and Janko celebrate their engagement, and the young sailor reveals himself to his bride as the searched-for partisan. Stan, who has found out about Jankos true identity, blackmails Stella: either she marries him, or he will reveal Jankos secret to the police. To protect her Janko, Stella is prepared to marry the hated Stan. Mickey, Stans nephew, is outraged over his uncles machinations and provides the police with evidence proving that Stan is collaborating with the Fascists. Stan is arrested by the police whilst trying to take revenge on Mickey. Meanwhile Janko, happily reunited with Stella, tells the sailors that their ships have been loaded with weapons with which revolts in the colonies are to be suppressed. Despite their poverty and need, the sailors declare their solidarity with the revolting colonists and refuse to set sail with the ships.