PETER DER DRITTE. Oper in 3 Teilen von Iwa Wanja
und Karl Vibach

Composer: Schultze, Norbert
Subtitle: Abenteuer im 'Blauen Enzian'
Lyricists: Wanja-Schultze, Iwa
Vibach, Karl
Playing time: 100:00
Opus/Year: (1964/1974)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 1 KnabenS, 1S, 1Mez, 1T, 1BBar, 1B + SängerEns.: 1S, 6Mez, 1A, 1T, 7Bar, 4BBar, 1B 2(Picc),1,1,ASax,0 – 2,2,2,1 – Pk, 3 Schl (Trgl, Maracas, Tempelbl, Schellen, 3 Tomt, Bongos, Tamb, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk, Gong, Tam-t, Glsp, Xyl), Klav, Streicher


Peter, a six-year-old Hungarian refugee, is the third orphan (hence the name “Peter the Third”), whom the resolute social worker Anna Maria wants to foist on a clueless adoptive father. For this, she has picked out Dr. Hugo Wehrand, whom she met on a train going to Hamburg. Her bold undertaking brings her, as the alleged mother of little Peter, under false suspicion and considerable pressure. Dr. Wehrand, opposed to the idea at first, quickly becomes fond of Peter. But all kinds of grotesque and dramatic turbulence in the express-train compartment, in the dining car, at the railway station mission and in the bridge salon of a luxury hotel must be overcome before he accepts the role of adoptive father against the initially vehement opposition of his capricious girlfriend Carola and before the story can come to a moving, happy ending.