DAS MÄRCHEN DER 672. NACHT. Oper in 6 Bildern
für sieben Sänger und kleines Orchester

Composer: Müller-Wieland, Jan
Lyricists: Müller-Wieland, Birgit
Playing time: 75:00
Opus/Year: (1998)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 2 Schl (6 Tamb, 2 kl.Tr, 2 hg.Bk, 2 Zimb, 2 Gl, 2 Vibr, 4 Ketten), 2 Harfen, 2 Cel, Streicher (3/3/3/3/3)
Premiere performance: 29.01.2000 / D


Waited on by a servant and three servant girls, the well-to-do merchant’s son lives in the chosen isolation of his beautiful, out-of-the-way country house. He completely dedicates himself to aesthetic observations of life. These merely lead to unserious self-knowledge – he satisfies himself with the discovery and enjoyment of the beautiful surface of things. The thought of death does not frighten him, for he regards death as his friend and as a dignified conclusion to a successful life.
A letter in which his servant is accused of having committed a crime confronts him with a form of reality unknown to him. He leaves his home and departs for the city for the first time alone. As if in a dream, the merchant’s son ends up in different, increasingly eerie parts of the city – and then ultimately finds himself in the gutter in a slum.
Death, which has accompanied him from the beginning, makes fun of him. Then the merchant’s son curses his life and the unexpected banality of his death. The servant girls and servant awaken in the country house without their master for the first time. In anticipation of his return, they begin to clean and decorate the house.