LUNU. Conceptional opera

Composer: Eggert, Moritz
Lyricists: sprachlich organisierte Vokalisen
Playing time: 75:00
Opus/Year: (1992)
Genre: Opera
Instrumentation: 1 (Picc), 1, 1, 1 - 1, 1, 1, 1 - 2 Schl (1: Marimba, Röhrengl, 3 Tom-Toms, Glockenspiel, Tamtam, Bass-drum, Vibraslap, Peitsche, Melodica, Glocke, Snare-drum, hängendes Blech, Tempelblock, Bass-Pauke; 2: Gr. Trommel, Vibraph., Sopran-Pauke, Alt-Pauke, Bass-Pauke, 2 Woodblocks, Conga, Triangel, Xylophon, großer Gong, Röhrenglocken, Tamtam, 3 Tom-toms, Hängende Flasche) - Elektr. Git., Harfe, Klav/Harmonium/Cemb, Synth. - Streicher (1, 1, 2, 2, 2)
Premiere performance: 11.12.1992 / Munich / D / Theater in der Halle 50 / Stefanie Früh (Lunu), Rita Kapfhammer (Feme), Mar-, tina Sauer (Äsähök), Christian Gerhaher (Jiri) / Münchener Bachsolisten / Jobst Liebrecht


The abstract plot deals with the relationship of seven musical intervals to each other. Out of the togetherness which develops, there arises – alongside a special musical language – „tonulity“ – a song text as well, which lends each of the personified intervals an unmistakeable quality with detailed, established combinations of vocals and consonants. At the centre of this musical story of creation is the love story between Lunu, the third, and Jiri the sixth, lived out with operatic passion and excessive stage pathos.