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MAN AND BOY: DADA. Oper nach einer Vorlage von
Kurt Schwitters

Komponist: Nyman, Michael
Textdichter: Hastings, Michael (Libretto)
Spieldauer: 100:00
Opus/Jahr: (2003)
Gattung: Oper
Besetzung: 3 Sgst, KEns. (10 St)


It is London, 1945. The war is over. Much of Britain is exhausted. The fields have not been farmed. The factories are silent. The country is still largely in a state of chaos.
Michael is twelve. His father worked as a night warden on a London rooftop. He was killed in a bomb raid.
Kurt Schwitters, the great German artist, is in London in the last two years of his life. Ill and penniless, he was famous in the art world as a founder of the DADA movement along with Duchamp and Ernst. But most of Schwitters' life-work of collages and assemblages were destroyed in a bomb raid on Hanover.
Michael collects bus tickets. He wants a complete collection. He hunts everywhere for his tickets. He is passionate about making a perfect collection. Michael's hobby reflects his instinctive interests. He wants to create order out of a scattered world. He is a very conservative boy, he is keen to put bus tickets back in their natural order. As if to say - I am making order out of chaos.
Kurt collects bus tickets. He regularly takes a bus from his miserable room in north London. He collects the paper items of the day to make into a collage. He is especially keen on bus tickets. Kurt's attitude to bus tickets reflects his artistic instincts. The old artist resists order. He uses the tickets as part of his apparently random collages. As if to say - I am underlining human chaos.

One day, on a bus, Kurt and Michael make a grab for the same discarded ticket


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