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Calef, Noel (Autor)

    Lyricists: Hachfeld, Eckart (dt.)
Camilleri, Charles
Campbell, Colin M.
Campbell, Debbie
Carafa, Michele
Carpenter, John Alden
Carter, Elliott
Catn, Daniel
Chauls, Robert
Chavez, Carlos
Chopin, Frdric
Christensen, Knud (Sebastian)
Cole, Hugo
Coleman, Cy
Conradi, August
Conti, Francesco Bartolomeo
Conz, Bernhard
Cooperativa MARZOCCO 75
Copeland, Steward
Corigliano, John
Cornall, Nick
Crowley, Clifford
Cruixent, Ferran
Czernik, Willy
1-43 of 43