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Daniel Smutny: World Premiere of “Ferne Nähe“ in Dresden

The world premiere of "Ferne Nähe" by the Mannheim-born, Leipzig-based composer Daniel Smutny will be presented at the music festival "Tonlagen" (Dresden Festival of Contemporary Music) in the Hellerau district on 6 October 2011.

The composer comments on his music theatre as follows:
"'Ferne Nähe' is a detail and experimental study concerning intrapersonal behaviour in a world striving towards perfection and maximisation, concerning the psychodynamics between four figures representing human characteristics and about love and loneliness in modern times. On one evening, four people experience a voyage through their otherwise (due to their profession) suppressed emotional world until the unthinkable happens several times and the figures are driven to the edge of their existence. All this is treated in a brief tragicomedy, told not least through the intensity and lightness of the music and repeatedly stopped by arias. In them, poems by Katharina Bauer, who was just 13 at the time they were written, are contrasted as introspection to the stage action. The texts of Katharina Bauer are full of the intensity of an adolescent and, at the same time, a serenely knowing characters who gives an understanding of the inner view of the figures."

"Ferne Nähe" was commissioned by the Hellerau European Centre of the Arts in Dresden and the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

6 October 2011
Dresden (Hellerau)
Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, 8 PM
World premiere: Daniel Smutny
“Ferne Nähe“. Opera for two sopranos, two tenors and four performers with octett and rhodes piano
Libretto: Constantin von Castenstein
Orchestration: Sommer Ulrickson
Designer: Ausstattung: Alexander Polzin/Nicola Minssen
Musical direction: Titus Engel
Courage – Dresdner Ensemble für zeitgenössische Musik

Follow-up performance on 7 October (talk with Daniel Smutny and the direction team after the concert)


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