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Lera Auerbach's String Quartet No. 5 to be premiered at the Semperoper in Dresden

The subtitle of Lera Auerbach's new String Quartet No. 5 is "Songs of Alkonost." Alkonost are magical birds of good luck and hope that are sympathetic towards people. They come from the Russian world of sagas but can also be found in the Russian-Orthodox Church, where they are considered the personification of God's will.

The new chamber work will be given its world premiere on 15 September 2011 at the Semperoper in Dresden. The Shostakovich Festival Quartet will be performing.

The String Quartet No. 5 was commissioned by the Staatskapelle Dresden within the scope of Lera Auerbach's residency as Capell-Compositrice 2011/12 in Dresden.

15 September 2011
Semperoper, 8 PM
World premiere: Lera Auerbach
String Quartet No. 5 "Songs of Alkonost"
Schostakowitsch Festival Quartett


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