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Franghiz Ali-Zadeh's Music in the Ukraine and in Ireland

On 24 September 2011, the Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra by Franghiz Ali-Zadeh will be performed during the course of the Kiev Music Festival with the soloist Alexander Piriyev and the National Symphony Orchestra of the Ukraine under the direction of Vladimir Sirenko. The same interpreters will also perform the Cello Concerto on 30 September 2011 in Lviv (Lemberg) during the course of the festival "Kontrasti."

On 22 October, the Louth Contemporary Music Society will be presenting a portrait of Franghiz Ali-Zadeh under the title "Metamorphoses" at St. Peter's Church of Ireland Drogheda, during which the works "Music for Piano," "Habil-sayagi" and "Shyshtar" in the version for eight violoncelli will be performed. The performers will be the composer herself (piano) and Ivan Monighetti, as well as the latter's ensemble "Celli Monighetti." Sofia Gubaidulina's compositions "Fata Morgana: The Dancing Sun" for eight violoncelli and "On the Edge of the Abyss" for seven violoncelli and two aquaphones will be played at the same concert.


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