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What would films be without music? A film without music is hardly imaginable, in any case.

Many titles from the catalogues of our publishing house have been used as individual titles or – in the context of modern serious music – as entire works in cinema and television films as well as in well-known TV series, not to mention classical film music. If you are also looking for suitable music for your film, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you and think over, together with you, how you can best provide your film with music making a strong statement.

The following is a selection of films and series in which titles from our extensive repertoire have been used:


Der neunte Tag

St. Pauli Nacht     

Eyes Wide Shut

Blues Brothers 2000  

Der Eisbär

Ballermann 6 

Dead Man Walking   

Die Hard with a Vengeance 

Der bewegte Mann   

Das Boot 

2001: A Spaca Odyssey

Kauf dir einen bunten Luftballon 

U 47 – Kapitänleutnant Prien   

Witness for the Prosecution     

Auf der Reeperbahn nachts
um halb eins

Ocean's Eleven

Ice Age 2 - Jetzt taut's

Otto - Der Katastrophenfilm

Krieg und Frieden

Toy Story 2

Melrose Place

Sex and the City

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Dirty Dancing

Frauen sind keine Engel

Battleship Potemkin

The Simpsons

The Bill Cosby Show

Full House

Charlie Brown

Chicago Hope

South Park

Wallace and Gromit

Children's Day in Bullerbü


21 Jump Street

Muppets Show

Ally McBeal


Star Trek

Beverly Hills 90210

Duell - Enemy at the Gates

Shrek - Der tollkühne Held

Große Freiheit Nr. 7


Remington Steele

Fleisch ist mein Gemüse

Shutter Island 



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