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”Vier Betrachtungen im Zirkus:“ Schachtner's New Work in Bad Reichenhall

Johannes X. Schachtner's first version of his "Vier Betrachtungen im Zirkus" for soprano, baritone, piccolo trumpet and piano was given its world premiere in Munich in February 2009.

This piece will now be given its world premiere in the version for soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra in Bad Reichenhall on 30 July 2011. The text is by Johanna Schwedes.

During the course of the concert PHILHARMONIC SUMMER WIND, Cathrin Lange (soprano) and Peter Neff (baritone) will present the work in the spa garden accompanied by the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic. The composer will conduct the work himself; this year he is artist in residence with the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic.

Schachtner on his "Four Observations of the Circus:"
"It was a setting of the poem 'Happy End' by Johanna Schwedes, on which the 'Four Observations in the Circus' are based, that was originally supposed to be part of the 'New Leipzig Song Book.' It was not easy for me to give preference to an idea for a setting of this highly narrative poem that very drily describes a fallen trapeze artist; so I made a virtue out of my apparent necessity, working out all four settings for soprano, baritone, piano and piccolo trumpet in January 2009. The composition of the 'Four Observations' describes a sensation-hungry circus director, a seemingly uninvolved pigeon, a monkey and a female trapeze artist who hangs fearfully high up in the circus dome. The first setting is consciously bold and simple in its interpretation of the text, while the second develops out of a trumpet motif that translates the title 'Happy End' into music. The third setting, a scherzo-like sketch of a distorted Charleston, is followed by the last one in its own hermetic musical language. The version for chamber orchestra was written in autumn 2010 in Paris.“

30 July 2011
Bad Reichenhall
Kurgarten, 7:30 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
”Vier Betrachtungen im Zirkus“ for soprano, baritone and chamber orchestra
After the poem "Happy End" by Johanna Schwedes
Cathrin Lange (soprano), Peter Neff (baritone)
Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic


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