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Melbourne: Australian Premiere of Lera Auerbach's Piano Trio

Lera Auerbach's Trio No. 1 for Violin, Violoncello and Piano will receive its Australian premiere on 13 July 2011 during the course of the 6th International Chamber Music Competition in Melbourne.

Sixteen ensembles (eight string quartets and eight piano trios) will be performing in the first and second rounds at the competition.

Auerbach's Piano Trio will be presented in the second round by the Armenian Sima Trio from New York, consisting of Sami Merdinian (violin), Ani Kalayjian (violoncello) and Sofya Melikyan (piano).

The world premiere of the Piano Trio took place on 2 June 1999 in Schwetzingen. The work is dedicated to Vadim Gluzman (violin), Wendy Warner (violoncello) and Angela Yoffe (piano).

Lera Auerbach has supplied the following commentary on the composition of her Piano Trio:
“In 1991, at the age of seventeen, during a concert tour in America, six months before the fall of the Soviet Union, I decided to defect. The following year (1992), when the first two movements of this trio were written, was perhaps the most difficult of my life. I was alone, and did not know whether I would ever see my family again. Many of the works of that period were not completed until a few years later; this trio is one of them. The last movement, Presto, was written 4 years later, in 1996.”

13 July 2011
6th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition
National Academy of Music, South Melbourne Town Hall, 11 AM
Australian premiere: Lera Auerbach
Trio No. 1 for Violin, Violoncello and Piano
Sima Trio


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