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San José [Costa Rica]: World Premiere of the Overture to ”The Leonardo Bridge“ by Daniel Nazareth

In March 2011, the Bombay-born composer and conductor Daniel Nazareth celebrated his debut as chief music director of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica. His "Stadium Fanfares" received its world premiere during the course of a grand "Symphonic Night" under the direction of the composer on the occasion of the opening of the new National Stadium of Costa Rica.

On 1 July 2011, the composer will now conduct the world premiere of his Overture to "The Leonardo Bridge" with the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica at the "Centro National de la Musica" in San José.

In "Leonardo Bridge," for the first time, Nazareth uses an original melody by Leonardo da Vinci that was decoded a few years ago. According to the latest findings, Leonardo spent some time at the court of the Sultan of Constantinople, where he designed a wooden bridge over the Golden Horn that was not realised. In 2012, however, about 500 years after Leonardo's construction idea was created, the construction of the bridge will be realised by the Turkish government. Thus the world premiere of "Leonardo Bridge" by Daniel Nazareth will form the musical pendant next year to the historical bridge-building project in Istanbul.

1 July 2011
San José (Costa Rica)
Centro National de la Musica
World premiere: Daniel Nazareth
Ouverture to “The Leonardo Bridge” for orchestra
National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica
Direction: Daniel Nazareth


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