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”MAHLER | BILD - Erinnerung for Orchestra:“ Peter Ruzicka's new Orchestral Work to Receive World Premiere in Stuttgart

"MAHLER | BILD – Erinnerung for Orchestra" is the name of the new orchestral work by Peter Ruzicka, conductor, artistic director and composer living in Hamburg.

The world premiere of the work, written in 2010, will take place on 10 July 2011 at the Liederhalle in Stuttgart. The interpreters will be the Stuttgart State Orchestra under the direction of the Austrian conductor Manfred Honeck.

The composer has supplied the following commentary on his work:

"In the year 2010, a 'second glance' at Mahler's late symphonic fragment. At his 'Adagio' that broke through the traditional barriers of musical expression one hundred years ago. At the outcry of the nine-tone chord, that exclamation of loss and desperation. At the viola line pointing towards infinity, speaking of withdrawal and farewell, ultimately leading to a field of resolution of transcendental contact. A second glance as a composer whose own musical material approaches the alien form and then withdraws from it again. Identification and distance. Also a review of things already envisioned. Circular movement, more or less surrounding Mahler concentrically. Then standstill, disappearance, introspection. And once again an outbreak before the image vanishes among remote signals."

10 July 2011
Liederhalle, Beethovensaal, 11 AM
World premiere: Peter Ruzicka
“MAHLER | BILD - Erinnerung for orchestra”
Staatsorchester Stuttgart
Conductor: Manfred Honeck
Commissioned work by the Staatsoper Stuttgart

Follow-up performance: 11 July 2011, 7:30 PM


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