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A·DEvantgarde Festival Munich: Eggert's ”Bordellballade“ and World Premiere of Schachtner's ”Chanson an Th.A.Dorn[o]“

+++ The world premiere by Schachtner has canceled +++

Johannes X. Schachtner's "Chanson an Th.A.Dorn(o)" for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble will receive its world premiere at the A·DEvantgarde Festival in Munich on 7 June 2011 at the concert “Ein garstig Lied! Pfui! - Neue politische Lieder“. The mezzo soprano Julia Rutigliano will sing the solo part in place of Salome Kammer, who has fallen ill, accompanied by the Ensemble A·DEvantgarde under the direction of Rudi Spring. In this Chanson, Schachtner sets the well-known Auschwitz quotation from Adorno's "Cultural Criticism and Society" that the journalist Thea Dorn once designated as the most beautiful poem of the twentieth century.

Excerpts from Moritz Eggert's "Bordellballade“ for singing actors and small ensemble will also be performed at this concert. The Ensemble A·DEvantgarde will be supported by the singing and acting of Julia Rutigliano (mezzo soprano) and Christian Eberl (baritone).

7 June 2011
A·DEvantgarde Festival
Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste, 7 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
”Chanson an Th.A.Dorn(o)“ for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble
Julia Rutigliano (mezzo soprano)
Ensemble A·DEvantgarde
Direction: Rudi Spring


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