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New Children's Opera: World Premiere of Johannes X. Schachtner's ”Versprochen, Froschkönig, versprochen“ in Munich

The 11th international "A·DEvantgarde Festival" will take place from 1 to 12 June 2011. During the course of this festival, the new children's opera "Versprochen, Froschkönig, versprochen" by Johannes X. Schachtner to a libretto by Birgit Müller-Wieland will receive its world premiere on 11 June 2011 at the Munich Reaktorhalle.

The new opera will be performed by the Arcis Ensemble, founded in 2001 and directed by Ulrich Nicolai and accompanied by students of the Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich. The producer is Igor Pison.

This opera is the – independently performable – finale of a three-part children's opera based on the fairytale "The Frog King," the entire setting of which was commissioned by the "A·DEvantgarde Festival." The three composers commissioned were Manuela Kerer, Gerhard Müller-Hornbach and Johannes X. Schachtner.

Johannes X. Schachtner comments on "Versprochen, Froschkönig, versprochen" as follows:

"When I started work on my "Froschkönig" scenery, I remembered one of my favourite films from childhood: 'Cinderfella’ by Jerry Lewis from the year 1960. Also treating a fairytale subject, this film alternates between the 'real’ world and a fairytale level, with comic scenes typical of Jerry Lewis and grand cinema à la Hollywood. Although it is a 'film for grownups,' it is eminently suitable for children - exactly the guideline given to us three composers. Thus my setting of the libretto by Birgit Müller-Wieland developed exactly in this direction. The music alternates like film cutting, including elements of opera, operetta and folksongs. A lively scenery is the result which should above all conjure up one thing: colourful images. Replying to the question of what demands should be made of the music of a children's opera, I would answer that it requires clarity."

11 June 2011
A·DEvantgarde Festival, Reaktorhalle, 7 PM
World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
”Versprochen, Froschkönig, versprochen“. Scenery for three sopranos, tenor, bass and chamber orchestra after the libretto by Birgit Müller-Wieland
Arcis ensemble
Soloists: Florian Drexel, Katharina Preuß, Bonko Karadjov, Frauke Burg, Bettina Ullrich, Dorothea Spilger
Conductor: Prof. Ulrich Nicolai
Stage Direction: Igor Pison
Follow-up performances: 12 June 2011, 4 and 7 PM


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