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“Mannheimer Schule:” Moritz Eggert's New Orchestral Work to be Premiered in Mannheim

Moritz Eggert, born in Heidelberg in 1965, regards himself as a "half" Mannheimer. Heidelberg was "the city of schooldays and grandmother" for the composer and Mannheim was "the city of holidays and weekends."

Eggert's new orchestral work "Mannheimer Schule" will receive its world premiere on 30 May 2011 in his "city of holidays and weekends." The composition was commissioned by the Music Academy of the National Theatre Orchestra of Mannheim, who will also perform the work under the direction of Axel Kober.

The composer comments on his work as follows:

"As composers, we sometimes long for a new 'school,' a new guiding principle that would give a new order to the stylistic chaos surrounding us. What is entertainment music, what is serious music? Where do we belong? Can there be a new aesthetic beginning? The problem is that each categorisation already contains its own end. The most interesting music always takes place where one can designate it the least precisely, where something begins that one doesn't yet know. But it must begin.
Mannheim, city of the squares. I asked myself how a new kind of music would have to sound if it attempted to express the rhythm and feeling of a city in sound."

30 May 2011
Rosengarten, Mozartsaal, 8 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
”Mannheimer Schule“ for large orchestra
Musikalische Akademie des Nationaltheater-Orchesters Mannheim
Conductor: Axel Kober


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