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World Premieres of Works by Johannes X. Schachtner and Moritz Eggert at the Bamberg New Music Days

Johannes X. Schachtner's "Réjouissance – en passant" for brass quintet will receive its world premiere during the course of the concert "Klingende Kunst – Der vertonte Skulpturenweg" on 28 May 2011 at the 13th Bamberg New Music Days.

Already on 7 May, the ensemble "Munich Brass Connection" premiered Schachtner's "Prologue et Cortège funèbre" for the same instrumental combination in Gauting.

"Réjouissance – en passant" was commissioned by the Bamberg New Music Days and will be presented by the "KlangKonzepteEnsemble der Neuen Pegnitzschäfer."

The new work "Ankerfigur" for septet by the Heidelberg-born composer Moritz Eggert will also be premiered at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the "Skulpturenweg." It will be performed by the "KlangKonzepteEnsemble der Neuen Pegnitzschäfer" together with  the accordionist Stefanie Schumacher.

Six works of art by prominent contemporary artists will be "set to music" by six composers at six public sites in Bamberg at the event, supported by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

28 May 2011
13th New Music Days
Skulpturenweg (open air), 3 PM

World premiere: Johannes X. Schachtner
“Réjouissance – en passant“ for brass quintet
KlangKonzepteEnsemble der Neuen Pegnitzschäfer

World premiere: Moritz Eggert
“Ankerfigur“ for wind sextet and accordeon
Musikalische Skulptur nach Bernhard Luginbühl
Stefanie Schumacher (accordeon)
KlangKonzepteEnsemble der Neuen Pegnitzschäfer

Follow-up performances: 2 and 4 June 2011, at a time 3 PM


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