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“Kryos“: World Premiere of Jörn Arnecke's Opera in Bremen

The world premiere of Jörn Arnecke’s new opera “Kryos“ is scheduled for 14 May 2011 in Bremen.

If the title would at first lead one to think of an ancient Greek subject, in this case the story takes place in the remote future. Kryos is an island where desperate people look for refuge in the 23rd century. A small community of people is living in eternal ice following a climatic catastrophe. They live in harmony here, having overcome both the fear of death and the competitive struggle of the old world. Instead, life on the island is marked by a sense of community and spiritual rituals until, one day, a stranger is washed ashore. He appears to have come from the past. This stranger has no memory of his former life, but hears noises that the inhabitants of Kryos cannot hear. He warns them of a - catastrophe, but only a few take him seriously. Distrust arises among the people: who is this man, where does he come from and above all, what does he want?

Markus Poschner will conduct this work commissioned by the Bremen Opera, with Philipp Himmelmann as stage director.

14 May 2011
Theater am Goetheplatz, 7.30 PM
World premiere: Jörn Arnecke
”Kryos“. Music theatre after the libretto by Hannah Dübgen in eleven scenes
Markus Poschner (conductor)
Philipp Himmelmann (direction)
Commissioned work by the Opera Bremen

Follow-up performances: 17, 19, 21 May / 01, 03, 11 June 2011


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