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BLÄTTER. Five songs for soprano and string trio

Composer: Denisov, Edison
Lyricists: Tanzer, Francisco
Playing time: 8:00
Opus/Year: (1978)
Genre: Vocal chamber music
Instrumentation: Sgst, Vl, Va, Vc
Premiere performance: 28.01.1980 / Moscow / RUS / Lidia Dawidowa


Begegnung. Moderato 0:50
Einsicht. Lento 1:10
Blätter. Vivo 0:30
Wohin. Tranquillo 2:00
Das Ende. Moderato 1:00

In printed editions:

Denissow, Edison
  • Blätter [Leafs]
    5 songs for soprano and string trio on poems by Francisco Tanzer
    Instrumentation/voices: Sg-S-solo,V,Va,Vc
    Edition no.: SIK2294
    Edition: Playing Score (4)
    Price: € 29,50 incl. VAT plus delivery