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Requiem for flute, 4 male voices and tape

Composer: Reinvere, Jüri Johannes
Lyricists: Reinvere, Jüri
Playing time: 45:00
Opus/Year: (2009)
Genre: Vocal chamber music
Instrumentation: Video ad lib.
Premiere performance: 23.03.2009 / Helsinki / FIN / Cinema Orion / Richard Craig (Flöte) · Aarne Talvik, Toomas Tohert, Rainer Vilu, Mikk Üleoja (Stimmen) ·, Catherine Jarvis (Sprecherin) · Jüri Reinvere (Live-electronics)
First perfomance(s): 31.03.2010 / Tallinn / EE / St. John's Church / Mikael Schmid - Flöte, Aarne Talvik - Bass, Toomas Tohert - Tenor,, Rainer Vilu - Bariton, Mikk Üleoja - Tenor


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