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DETTO I. Sonata for organ and percussion

Composer: Gubaidulina, Sofia
Playing time: 22:00
Opus/Year: (1978)
Genre: Chamber music
Instrumentation: 1 Schl (Pk, Crot, Pien-chung [chinesische Glckchen], Glockenbndel, 4 Tempelbl, 5 Bongos, Bk, Gl, Glsp, Xyl)
Premiere performance: 14.10.1979 / Moscow / RUS / Tatjana Sergejewa (Orgel), Viktor Brischin (Schlagzeug)

In printed editions:

Gubaidulina, Sofia
  • Detto I
    Sonata for organ and percussion
    Instrumentation/voices: Org,Schlgz
    Edition no.: SIK1868
    Edition: Set of Parts
    Price: € 31,50 incl. VAT plus delivery