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Young Composer with Sikorski: Johannes X. Schachtner

With Johannes X. Schachtner, a young, highly gifted composer is being taken up in our catalogues.

Schachtner was born on 26 June 1985 in Gräfelfing and studied conducting with Bruno Weil and composition with Hans-Jürgen von Bose, Rudi Spring and our own author Jan Müller-Wieland at the Academy of Music and Theatre in Munich.

As a conductor, he has already worked with the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic, the Taschenphilharmonie, the Georgian Chamber Orchestra in Ingolstadt and the Munich Symphony Orchestra, with whom he celebrated his debut in January 2009. In 2007 he made his debut as an opera conductor with Rossini's "Il turco in Italia" and received invitations to the A•Devantgarde Festival in 2007 and 2009.

Schachtner's compositions have been performed by soloists such as Silke Avenhaus, Julia Fischer, Siegfried Mauser and Peter Schöne, and also by the Munich Symphony, the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic and by the conductors Michael Sanderling and Ulrich Nicolai. He has also received commissions from the Bavarian State Opera, the Academy of Fine Arts, the Julia Fischer Festival, the provincial capital Munich, the A•Devantgarde Festival in 2009 and 2011 and from the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra in 2011. His short opera "Hannah und Tim" to a libretto by Norbert Niemann received its premiere at the 2010 Munich Biennale. In 2009 he was given a composer's portrait at the Biennale concert "Klangspuren" (Sound Traces).

Schachtner was a prize winner at the 2nd International Composition Competition of the Düsseldorf Organ Festival and received a residence stipend to work at the international artists' house „Villa Concordia“ in Bamberg for 2009/2010. In 2009 he was awarded the Günther Klinge Cultural Prize of his home community of Gauting. In 2010 he was nominated for the GEMA composers' prize. Until the summer of 2010, Johannes X. Schachtner lived in the Cité des Arts in Paris. In 2011 he will be artist in residence with the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonic. In February of this year he was a guest of the International Centre for Composers in Visby, Sweden.

Schachtner, who hails from a highly musical family and plays the trumpet, is always interested in experimentation. "I am very interested in working my way into many areas, but also in staying close to myself at the same time," he once said in conversation with Luise Botta and Lisa Hauke. "I used to play a lot of jazz and also church music. Taking my language as a starting point, I try to enter into these areas. Some pieces have a little bit to do with jazz; others have something to do with church music, for example when I'm looking for a new form of church music or a new way of dealing with spiritual subjects."

Johannes X. Schachtner's catalogue of works comprises orchestral works including the poem "Im Zimmer" (In the Room) and the Organ Concerto "Credo," as well as numerous chamber music compositions for various ensembles. These include the piano piece "Capriccio sopra il dado," the "Miniaturen nach Georg Trakl" for violin and piano, a String Quartet as well as "Mezz'agosto" for alto saxophone and organ, also existing in a big-band version. Particularly worthy of mention is the large number of vocal works, including the "Neue Leipziger Liederbuch" for soprano, baritone, violin and violoncello and the "Hohelied der Liebe" for soprano and organ or choir and organ or ensemble. Schachtner explains his great affinity for literature Schachtner by the fact that he receives essential inspiration from it: "When I set a poem, it is solely my own interpretation of the poem. It is a very subjective representation. (...) Then I translate it into music and also bring my own thoughts into play."

Schachtner's "Episoden III" received its world premiere in Bamberg on 6 February 2011. For the A•Devantgarde Festival in June 2011, he wrote a brief scene entitled "Versprochen, Froschkönig, versprochen" (Promised, Frog King, Promised) to a libretto by Birgit Müller-Wieland. On 30 July 2011, he will present his "Vier Betrachtungen im Zirkus" (Four Observations in the Circus) for the first time in a version for singer and chamber orchestra for the first time as part of his residency in Bad Reichenhall. Further chamber music premieres are scheduled for autumn of this year in Bamberg and Bad Reichenhall.

A complete catalogue of the works of Johannes X. Schachtner can be requested from the publishers.


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