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Two Canadian Premieres of Works by Xiaoyong Chen in Toronto

Two works by the Chinese composer Xiaoyong Chen, who lives in Hamburg, will receive their Canadian premieres on 25 January 2011 at the “Soundstreams” festival in Canada, founded in 1982.

The Accordes String Quartet, together with the support of guest musicians, will perform Chen’s “Invisibles Landscapes” for zheng, percussion, piano and ensemble and “Qian & Yan” for chamber ensemble at Koerner Hall at the Royal Conservatory’s Telus Centre in Toronto.

Chen has supplied the following commentary on his “Invisible Landscapes:”

“The title ‘Invisible Landscapes’ refers to a large number of excerpts of images partially originating in memories of my childhood and youth, and partially from personal mental images without any definable origin. These images are invisible because they are of a purely spiritual, ideal nature.
I do not wish to musically illustrate real landscapes with this composition but, rather, to realise my inner images in sound. This music is a mediator between my feeling and the listener – it is intended to guide him/her into the invisible world of hearing, beyond what is concrete, visible and clearly definable.”  

25 January 2011
Festival „Soundstreams”
Royal Conservatory's Telus Centre, Koerner hall, 8 PM
Canadian premiere: Xiaoyong Chen
“Invisible Landscapes” and “Qian & Yan”
Accordes String Quartet and guest musicans


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