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Composer: Karger, Fred
Lyricists: Bader, Ernst
Original work: From Here To Eternity (Verdammt in alle Ewigkeit/T
Genre: Light music

In printed editions:

  • 70 Super Oldies for voice and piano
    Instrumentation/voices: Ges,Klav
    Edition no.: SIK0431
    Edition: Sampler
    Price: € 29,90 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Organ Gala Series 14
    A Selection of Hits, for electronic organ
    Instrumentation/voices: Org-E
    Edition no.: SIK1084
    Edition: Sampler
    Price: € 13,90 incl. VAT plus delivery
Karger, Fred
  • From Here To Eternity
    For voice and piano
    Instrumentation/voices: Ges,Klav
    Edition no.: SIK6/4146
    Price: € 5,90 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Hits - Songs - Evergreens
    Chorus Book
    Instrumentation/voices: Instr-Mel
    Edition no.: SIK1515
    Edition: Sampler
    Price: € 16,90 incl. VAT plus delivery
  • Das bleiben Hits [Those were hits]
    Vol. 5: The Fifties
    Instrumentation/voices: Ges,Klav
    Edition no.: SIK1639
    Edition: Sampler
    Price: € 12,90 incl. VAT plus delivery
Stillman, Al - Lecuona, M / Karger, Fred