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Composer: Autenrieth, Harald
Subtitle: Keyboardspielen - einfach und direkt .
Opus/Year: 2010
Genre: Light music
Instrumentation: Keyboard


Merrily We Roll Along (B: Autenrieth)
Ist ein Mann in' Brunnen g'fallen (B: Autenrieth)
Summ, summ, summ (B: Autenrieth)
Starter-Song (K: Autenrieth)
Hnschen klein (B: Autenrieth)
Jingle Bells (B: Autenrieth)
Moonlight Dancing (K: Autenrieth)
Barcarole (B: Autenrieth)
Alles logo (K: Autenrieth)
Sleep Well (K: Autenrieth)
Flowers In the Sun (K: Autenrieth)
Kuschel-Time (K: Autenrieth)
Rocky No. 5 (K: Autenrieth)
When The Saints Go Marching In (B: Autenrieth)
For He's A Jolly Good Fellow (B: Autenrieth)
Cancan (B: Autenrieth)
Action Pure (K: Autenrieth)
Freude schner Gtterfunken (B: Autenrieth)
Oh Susanna (B: Autenrieth)
Wild Thing (K: Autenrieth)
Old McDonald Had A Farm (B: Autenrieth)
Dance With Me (K: Autenrieth)
Yankee Doodle (B: Autenrieth)
Red River Valley (B: Autenrieth)
Lullaby (K: Autenrieth)
Happy Birthday (B: Autenrieth)
Rock My Soul (B: Autenrieth)
Sloop John B. (B: Autenrieth)
The End (K: Autenrieth)

In printed editions:

Autenrieth, Harald
  • You Can (Vol. 1)
    Playing the electronic keyboard. With CD
    Instrumentation/voices: Keyb
    Edition no.: SIK1455
    Price: € 21,90 incl. VAT plus delivery