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ARIADNE. Operatic scene by Jrn Arnecke

Composer: Arnecke, Jrn
Lyricists: Heyse, Paul / Chamisso, Adelbert von / Eichendorff, Joseph von
Playing time: 15:00
Opus/Year: (1999 )
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: 1(Picc),0,1(BKlar),0 - 0,0,0,0 - 1 Schl (Trgl, 3 Congas, gr.Tr, Tam-t, Marimba, Vibr), Git (E-Git), Klav/Cel, Streicher (1/0/1/1/1)
Premiere performance: 18.05.2000 / Munich / D / "Aisteses" Instrumentalensemble / Frank Lhr (Leitung) / Stefan Herheim (Regie)


Desperate and exhausted, the refugee fumbles his way through the apparently inescapable giant labyrinth of the Minotaur, interpreted here as a symbol of war. Like his mythical shadow Theseus, who flees the horrible place after fighting the Minotaur, the refugee seeks a way to escape the labyrinth. He thinks of his wife (Ariadne), from whom he was separated during his flight. Like an Ariadne thread, the family photos that he gradually discovers show him the way out. In the end, however, the refugee neither finds his way out of the labyrinth nor is he reunited with his wife. His fate is to wander endlessly, from which death appears to be the only liberation.

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