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THE LAST DAYS OF V.I.R.U.S. Comic opera in seven

Composer: Eggert, Moritz
Lyricists: Eggert, Moritz
Playing time: 16:00
Opus/Year: (2003)
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: 1,1(EnglHorn),1(BKlar),1(KFag) - 1,1,TBPos,0 - 1 Schl (4 Pk, Chimes, Peitsche, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Bk [chin. Bk], KuhGl, Metallkugeln in gr.BaskenTr, gr.Tam-t, Glsp, Xyl, Vibr, Wecker), Klav, Streicher (1/1/1/1/1)
Premiere performance: 07.06.2003 / Munich / D / Reaktorhalle, Adevantgarde Fes / Ulrich Nicolai


The scientists Dr. Colossus and Dr. Kananga are working feverishly on the development of an incredibly dangerous virus. Through an unlucky incident, the virus escapes from the hermetic isolation of the underground laboratory into the outside world, cause great distress. Its first victims are the two scientists themselves, who, suffering the grotesque mutations of the virus, are able to achieve splendid results in the art of singing. The punch line of the profoundly unserious operatic parody is when the Virus appears in person in the form of a magnificent tenor