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DER JÜNGSTE TAG IST JETZT. Scenic requiem for 16
voices and 16 instrumentalists

Composer: Harneit, Johannes
Lyricists: Pössel, Markus
Zuber, Xavier
Playing time: 40:00
Opus/Year: (2003)
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: 2 S, T, Bariton, gem. Chor 2(Picc, AFl),2(EnglHorn),1,1 - 2,2,1,1 - Schl (kl.Tr, Gl), 2 Va, Kb
Premiere performance: 04.07.2003 / D


A soldier on leave at home, a civilian and a widow meet in a church ruin. A singer and a choir join them. Counterpointed by parts of the Requiem Mass (Dies Irae – Lacrimosa – Offertorio – Sanctus – Lux Aeterna) people are shown who are searching for an answer to the question of the meaning and meaninglessness of a war. They anxiously come closer to the thought of, in a serious case, hurting or even killing someone – is there any justification for that?
Before the background of the ever-present and confusing presence of the media, the subject of “war” increasingly takes on the form of an abstract moral phenomenon that ultimately poses more questions than it provides answers.