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IDIOT. Chamber opera on texts by Konrad Bayer

Composer: Harneit, Johannes
Lyricists: Bayer, Konrad
Playing time: 50:00
Opus/Year: 3 (1987)
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: Spr., 2 Sgst, gem. Chor Solo-Vc, Klar (BKlar), SPos (BTrpt), Schl, Git, 5 Vl
Premiere performance: D


The main character idiot vegetates in isolation in his residential wellness-landscape, equipped with microwave, refrigerator and TV. Surfing through the television programmes, he lives out his erotic fantasies of violence and killing via the screen. Without warning, a couple breaks into his world: the sailor brutigall and his lover anonymphe. While brutigall, weary of love, plans his disappearance, the love-drunken anonymphe begs him to stay. Unmoved, brutigall leaves her behind. idiot, confronted with the reality of real people, lets out his rage over the disturbance in a torrent of ranting and raving, and he succeeds in driving out the intruders and finally regaining the customary status quo: total inner and outer isolation.