Wir sind Daheim
for four voices and chamber ensemble

Composer: Eggert, Moritz
Lyricists: Krausser, Helmut
Playing time: 60:00
Genre: Chamber opera
Instrumentation: E-Vl, E-Git, Drumset, Akk, MIDI-Keyb, E-Bass
Premiere performance: 22.04.1998 / Mannheim / D / Nationaltheater


A female housekeeper leads three young people into a basement. She believes that she has saved the woman and two men from a catastrophe during their flight. Now, however, she locks the basement exit and leaves – the saved people are now prisoners. Locked in the empty room, the thoughts of the three first concentrate on pure survival and how they can find food. The housekeeper comes back, later also giving them something to eat. As a result, the prisoners gradually become accustomed to their situation and their new home. They try their best to kill the time on their hands and follow the regular “orders” from upstairs. During the quiet of the night, a conversation takes place between the soprano and the housekeeper, in which the latter assigns the former the task of falling in love with one of the men. When Tenor and Baritone find out about this, their harmonious living situation comes to an end and a deadly fight breaks out. The winner, however, cannot enjoy his won happiness for long, for a newcomer enters the scene and the game could continue …

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