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Ludwig van Beethoven’s 240th Birthday on 17 December 2010

“One mustn’t consider oneself so godly that one couldn’t occasionally improve one’s own works,” Ludwig van Beethoven once said, open and straightforward as he was.

On 17 December 2010, the musical world will commemorate his 240th birthday. Like no other composer, Beethoven marked a turning point in music history that deeply influenced the succeeding generation of romantic composers. Indeed, in the area of the symphony, Robert Schumann found it extremely difficult to continue in the line of his great predecessor Beethoven. And the magic number of nine symphonies that Beethoven established, after all, was to be conferred onto the number of symphonic works of Bruckner and Mahler in an uncanny way. Beethoven’s unmistakeable musical language culminates in a contrasting characterisation of sections that also distinguish the symphonies in the paired succession of lyric-idyllic and dramatic-heroic main features.

There are a large number of adaptations and arrangements of Beethoven’s works in our catalogues, including the incomparable orchestrations of selected Beethoven string quartets by the late conductor and violinist Rudolf Barschai.

Beethoven Adaptations:

Adagio from the Sonata in C-sharp minor (Moonlight Sonata)
for electronic organ
Arranger: Willi Nagel
SIK 1330

Album Leaf “For Elise”
for guitar
Arranger: Siegfried Behrend
SIK 0728

Rage Over a Lost Penny
for electronic organ
Arranger: Willi Nagel
SIK 1324

for electronic organ
Arranger: Willi Nagel
SIK 1335

Egmont Overture
For chamber ensemble
Arranger: Jan Müller-Wieland
SIK 1732

Chamber Symphony for Chamber Orchestra, Op. 59/1 a
Arranger: Rudolf Barschai
SIK 1734

Chamber Symphony for String Orchestra, Op. 74a
Arranger: Rudolf Barschai
SIK 1735


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