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Ban Zhu (Gui No. 2) for bamboo flute orchestra,
pipa, guzheng, viola and percussion

Composer: Chen, Xiaoyong
Playing time: 15:30
Opus/Year: (2020)
Genre: Concerto
Instrumentation: 1 Bamboo Flute (soloist) - Bangdi (Soprano), Qudi (Tenor) and Dadi (Alto) 9 Bamboo Flutes - The Qudi (Tenor) and Dadi (Alto) are used by all flutists. Percussion three players: 2 set of woodblocks, 1 Triangle, 4 timpani, Suspended cymbals, 1 bass drum, 4 big tam-tams (120 cm 150 cm ) Pipa Guzheng Viola
Premiere performance: 08.01.2021 / Beijing / CN / Beijing Concert Hall / Chinese Bamboo Flute Orchestra / Biao HU