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ARCTICA. Symphony No. 4 for piano, choir
and orchestra

Composer: Auerbach, Lera
Lyricists: Auerbach, Lera (in Inuit)
Playing time: 44:00
Opus/Year: (2019)
Genre: Vocal symphonic music
Instrumentation: 3(Picc,AFl),3(EnglHorn),3(BKlar),3(KFag) 4,2,3,1 Pk, 6 Schl (Crot, Flex, Pfeife, Tempelbl, kl.Tr, gr.Tr, Tam-t, RhrenGl, Glsp, Vibr, Marimba, Theremin, Water-Drops, Ice-Drums, Waterphone, Water-Gong, Chrystal glasses), 2 Harfen, Cel, Streicher gem.Chor, Klav solo 3(II=picc,III=afl).3(III=corA),3(III=bcl).3(III=dbn)- chorus-pft solo
Premiere performance: 30.03.2019 / Washington / USA / Kennedy Center / Lera Auerbach (Klavier) / National Symphony Orchestra of Washington / The Washington Chorus / Teddy Abrams
First perfomance(s): 27.02.2020 / Oslo / N / Roland Pntinen (Klavier) / Oslo Philharmonic / Oslo Philharmonic Choir / Joshua Weilerstein


I. Solarstein - Searching for North
Angakok's First Flight: Beyond Dreaming
II. Magic Incantation: Spirits of Light
Angakok's Second Flight
III. Magic Incantation: The Spirit of the Wind
Angakok's Third Flight
IV. Dance of the Men-Bears
Angakok's Fourth Flight
V. Dance-Duel of the Women-Foxes
Angakok's Fifth Flight: Lament for Mistaking Wife for a Fox
VI. Magic Incantation: The Spirit of the Moon
Angakok's Sixth Flight: The World of the Dead
VII. Magic Incantation: The Great Sedna (The Spirit of the Sea)
VIII. Arctica - The Crystal Mirror

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