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TWO IRISH SETS for Irish folk band
and orchestra

Composer: Gottfried, Yaron
Lyricists: Irische Traditionals
Playing time: 15:00
Opus/Year: (2002)
Genre: Orchestral music
Instrumentation: 2,2,2,2 - 2,2,0,0- Pk, Harfe, Streicher
Premiere performance: 01.01.2002 / IL / Red Sea Classical Festival / Folkloreband 'Irish Cream' / Israel Chamber Orchestra / Yaron Gottfried (Leitung)


First Set: 1. Bhuilis, 2. The Swallowtail Reel, 3. Gravel Path to Granny, 4. Springfield Road
Second Set: 1. Donal agus Morag, 2. Julia Delaine, 3. Over the Moore to Maggie