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Block Lecture with Peter Ruzicka on Aesthetics, Cultural Management and Festivals

Under the motto of “Arts and Festival Culture” University of Salzburg/Mozarteum is organising a block seminar on aesthetics, cultural management and the role of festivals with Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Ruzicka from 1 to 3 December 2010 at the Kunstquartier in Salzburg.

Alongside Ruzicka, lectures will also be delivered by Prof. Peter Becker from Hanover and the Salzburg University Professor Dr. Michael Fischer. Concurrently with these events, it will be possible to attend a rehearsal of the cello concerto “... ÜBER DIE GRENZE ...” (Over the Boundary) by Ruzicka. Moreover, the new book “Verdichtung, Komposition, Annäherung – ‚Hölderlin’. Eine Expedition” (Condensation, Composition, Rapprochement – Hölderlin: An Expedition) by Peter Ruzicka will be presented by the editor Michael Fischer.


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