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H÷LDERLIN Symphonie: World Premiere of Peter Ruzickas new work at the Beijing Music Festival

The second opera by Peter Ruzicka, HÖLDERLIN, is, like his first opera CELAN, dedicated to a poet personality. Both Paul Celan and Friedrich Hölderlin left behind a complex, in many respects cryptic body of literary work.

Ruzicka’s HÖLDERLIN received its premiere on 16 November 2008 at the State Opera Unter den Linden. To this day, the opera has not ceased to preoccupy Ruzicka, and is now also finding its way into a new vocal-symphonic work.

On 17 October 2010, in his function as conductor of the China Philharmonic Orchestra, Peter Ruzicka will perform the world premiere of his HÖLDERLIN SYMPHONIE for baritone and orchestra in Beijing. The baritone Thomas Bauer will be the vocal soloist of this concert held as part of the Beijing Music Festival.

Ruzicka once commented on Friedrich Hölderlin, who lived from 1770 until 1843, as follows: “I know of no other poet whose importance for us today, at the beginning of a spiritually marked 21st century, would be of similar relevance and significance.” Making a direct comparison of the HÖLDERLIN music with his first opera, CELAN, Ruzicka remarked: “It has a different fundamental sound, darker, probably also more streaming and flowing. Before I began the score of the opera, I wrote a preparatory orchestral piece entitled PRE-ECHO. (...) My impression is that the sonic space is certainly deeper, more expansive.”

17 October 2010
Beijing Music Festivals, Poly Theatre
World premiere: Peter Ruzicka
”HÖLDERLIN SYMPHONIE“ for bariton, chamber choir and orchestra
Thomas Bauer (bariton)
China Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir of the Central Opera House of China
Conductor: Peter Ruzicka


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