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Festival “Peter the Great“ in Groningen including Gubaidulina, Shostakovich and Schnittke

Sofia Gubaidulina will play an especially prominent role at this year’s "Peter the Great" Festival (28.07. – 07.08.2010) in Groningen, Netherlands. Not only will 5 of her works be performed, but the Russian composer will also be present at the Festival.

The other concert programmes include such sonorous names as Dmitri Shostakovich and Alfred Schnittke. There will be over 40 concerts altogether.

The Festival consists of a concert series and a Summer Academy (a summer course for talented young musicians who will receive instruction from internationally renowned artists). The Artistic Director of this year’s Festival is Rian de Waal. Chamber music is always the central focus of the Festival, whereby this year will especially concentrate on piano trios and piano quintets.

29 July 2010
Synagoge, Groningen, 8.15 PM
et al. Alfred Schnittke / Gustav Mahler – Piano Quartet
Dmitri Shostakovich – Piano Trio No. 2
Ilona Timchenko (piano), Olga Dovbush-Lubotsky (violoncello), Moshe Hammer (violin), Mark Lubotsky (violin), Francien Schatborn (viola), Noëlle Weidmann (violoncello), Ilona Sie Dhian Ho (violin)

1 August 2010
Lutherse Kerk, Groningen, 8.15 PM
et al. Sofia Gubaidulina
- “In croce” for violoncello and organ
- Detto No. 1, Sonata for percussion and organ
Leo van Doeselaar (organ), Theo Jellema (organ), Harro Ruijsenaars (violoncello), Joeke Hoekstra (percussion)

2 August 2010
Nieuwe Kerk, Groningen, 8.15 PM
et al. Sofia Gubaidulina
- “Repentance” for violoncello, 3 guitars and double bass
- Silenzio. Five Pieces for bayan, violin and violoncello
- Galgenlieder á 5. 14 Pieces for mezzosoprano, percussion, double bass, bayan and flute
Marion van den Akker (mezzosoprano), Rob Dirksen (double bass), Olga Dovbush-Lubotsky (violoncello), Mark Lubotsky (violin), Paul Lemaire (percussion), Peter Constant (guitar), Marion Schaap (guitar), Annette Kruisbrink (guitar), Elsbeth Moser (bayan), Jana Machelet (flute), Jan Roel Hamersma (percussion)


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