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Gustav Mahler in the Mirror of Modernism

Decades passed before the importance of Gustav Mahler for the music of the 20th century was recognised. The philosopher Theodor W. Adorno gave the initial impulse and, in the New Music of the post-war period, it was Russian composers such as Alfred Schnittke and Nikolai Korndorf and, later, German avant-gardists such as Peter Ruzicka who unswerving stood up for Mahler. On 7 July, the musical world will celebrate Mahler’s 150th birthday. 

Mahler’s intellectuality, complex personality and tragedy, the special dialectic of his thinking and production made him a symbolic figure for modernism. To the present day, his symphonies have become the epitome of contradiction and the contradictory, opposing the smug self-sufficiency of art, against unthinking enjoyment of supposed harmony.

Works of Mahler, including arrangements or adaptations as well as works which explicitly refer to him, can be found here:

Nikolai Korndorf:
„Hymnus III“. In Honour of Gustav Mahler for soprano and orchestra
SIK 1928 (Study Score)

Gustav Mahler:
- Piano Quartet from 1876 (publ. by Peter Ruzicka)
SIK 0800 (Set of Parts)
- Symphonic Prelue for orchestra (publ. by Albrecht Gürsching)
SIK 1431 (Study Score)
- Symphony No. 10
a. Remo Mazetti
b. Deryck Cooke
c. Clinton Carpenter
d. Joseph Wheeler
- Symphony No. 3: Movements No. 4-6 for piano quartet (Vassily Lobanov)
- Symphony No. 4 for soprano and chamber ensemble (Johannes Harneit: Movements 1 and 2 / Sebastian Gottschick: Movements 3 and 4)

Peter Ruzicka:
„Metastrofe“. Attempt of an outbourst for 87 instrumentalists

Alfred Schnittke:
- Piano Quartett
SIK 1833 (Set of Parts)
- 4. Concerto grosso / 5. Symphony for orchestra
SIK 8529 (Studiy Score)


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