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Moritz Eggert: Two World Premieres at the Andernach Music Days

The 20th Andernach Music Days will be held at Namedy Castle in Andernach from 13 to 16 May 2010. This year's festival will be focussing on the bayan.

Sofia Gubaidulina's "In Croce" for Bayan and Violoncello will be performed at the opening gala on 13 May and, one day later, her "Galgenlieder à 5" (Gallows Songs à 5) for Bayan, Mezzo Soprano, Percussion, Flute and Double Bass in scenic-improvised form. Gubaidulina is considered the most important composer for the bayan today.

The Xyrion Trio and the Andernach Culture Office also commissioned the Heidelberg-born Moritz Eggert to compose two works for this occasion. The 6 songs from “Neue Dichter Lieben” for tenor, violin, cello and accordion and the piece “Andernacht” for 2 singers and ensemble will now be receiving their world premieres on 15 May during the course of this jubilee.

The concert under the motto of “VARIATIONS – Festive Surprise Concert” will be performed by the Xyrion Trio and Elsbeth Moser & Friends.

Moritz Eggert has the following to say about the concept of “Neue Dichter Lieben” and the composition of “Andernacht:”

”The most important idea concerning the ‘Neue Dichter Lieben’ was that only texts by contemporary poets were to be used, hence the title. The piece was not intended to imitate Schumann’s ‘Dichterliebe’ in its romantic gestures; instead I imagined illuminating the theme of the ‘love poem’ in all the ways at our disposal today – also in ways that correspond to the respective styles of the authors‚ ranging from the ironic to the absurd, from cheerful to serious. The term ‘love’ can be interpreted in several ways here – e.g. as the love for a person, an object or a landscape.

“The piece ‚Andernacht’ was written when Maria Kliegel asked me to write a piece for her chamber music festival at Burg Namedy Castle near Andernach. ‘Can it have something to do with the city of Andernach? It is supposed to be a surprise piece to be played at the end of the concert.’
”After extended research into the history of Andernach I came to the conclusion that it would hypocritical of me to claim to be an expert on the history of Andernach. Instead a game with the name of the city – the word ‘Andernacht’ (at night) immediately comes to mind. Maybe Andernach was named long ago, during a time when wolves still roamed through Germany’s forests and game hunting and strange mythical beings were ever present.
In ‘Andernacht’ I imagine a ball of very strange beings, perhaps a bit like the wonderful ball scene in Polanski’s ‘Dance of the Vampires’. No, I don’t mean the musical.
Whatever, simply the word ‘Andernacht’ stimulated my imagination. Music thus arose from the title, music to accompany a scene full of cryptic strangeness (which is already due to the unusual ensemble), the true background of which is known only to the imagination of the well-disposed listener.”

15 May 2010
Castle Namedy, 20th Andernacher Music Days, 8 PM
World premiere: Moritz Eggert,
6 songs from „Neue Dichter Lieben“ for tenor, violine, violoncello and accordion
Commissioned work by the Xyrion-Trio
“Andernacht” for 2 Singers and Ensemble
Commissioned work by the Kulturamt Andernach
Elsbeth Moser and friends, Xyrion Trio (Ida Bieler, Nina Tichman, Maria Kliegel)


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