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Eino Tamberg Turns 80

“Ever since I got to know it, Eino Tamberg’s Trumpet Concerto has not let go of me,” says the Hamburg trumpet soloist and academy professor Matthias Höfs, “and I like his very rhythmic, percussive compositional style. The conductor Eri Klas, who during this time attended my performance of the First Trumpet Concerto with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra, helped me then to get into contact with the composer. Tamberg then visited me in Hamburg shortly afterwards and the Second Trumpet Concerto was composed. I was able to give the premiere in Tampere, Finland.”

Eino Tamberg will turn eighty on 27 May 2010. He studied at the Tallinn Conservatory with Eugen Kapp. From 1953 until 1959 he worked as a sound engineer at the Estonian Radio and became artistic advisor of the Estonian Composers’ Union. From 1968 he was a lecturer and from 1978 was Professor of Composition at the Estonian Music Academy. In 1974 he became Secretary of the Estonian Composers’ Union. An entire school of composition arose as the result of his initiative, including musicians such as Raimo Kangro, Peeter Vähi, Margo Kõlar, Toivo Tulev, Mari Vihmand and Mart Siimer. In1999 Tamberg was awarded the Estonian State Cultural Prize.

The composer, who also works with twelve-tone themes (without subjecting himself to the system of dodecaphony) and allows room for limited chance (aleatoric music), essentially professes the aesthetic of beauty. “I am a sentimental person and love what is beautiful,” says Tamberg. He especially considers his two Trumpet Concertos, Op. 72 (1972) and Op. 100 (1997) to be among his beautiful works. The Estonian musicologist Merike Vaitmaa claims to recognise stylisations of early baroque figures in certain accord sequences within lyrical sections of the First Trumpet Concerto.


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