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“Wasserkreisel:” Jörn Arnecke’s String Quartet No. 3 will receive its world premiere in Brandenburg

Whoever plans to attend the “Long Music Night” on 22 May 2010 at the Brandenburg Theatre can expect to “take a musical stroll through concerts and sounds,” according to the organisers.

The climax of this evening’s concert programme will be the world premiere of the 3rd String Quartet “Wasserkreisel” by Jörn Arnecke. The new chamber work was composed in 2009 and was commissioned by the Brandenburg Theatre.

There will be an advance premiere of the work on 17 April during the course of a vernissage at the Kunsthalle Brennabor in Brandenburg.

The composer has supplied the following comments on his work:
“The visual artist Gerhard Göschel is often inspired by movement – in his kinetic objects, in outdoor sculptures gently brought into motion by the wind, in his installation ‘Weeding in Paradise,’ in which light creates an illusion of movement. In ‘Whirlpool,’ composed in response to a commission from the Brandenburg Theatre for his exhibition in Brandenburg, this movement is transferred to another medium: the water spins and ripples, flowing over quarter-tone intervals and graded timbres, appearing to run dry and yet continuing to sound under the surface. A small fountain for string quartet, composed in curved forms for Annette and Gerhard Göschel.”

Advance Premiere
Saturday, 17 April 2010, 6 PM
Brandenburg, Kunsthalle Brennabor
Jörn Arnecke: „Wasserkreisel“. String Quartet No. 3
Camerata Instrumentale Berlin

World Premiere
Saturday, 22 May 2010, 8 PM
Brandenburger Theater, „Lange Nacht der Musik“
Jörn Arnecke: „Wasserkreisel“. String Quartet No. 3
Camerata Instrumentale Berlin


Copyright of the photo: Camerata Instrumentale Berlin


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