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Munich: World Premiere of Daniel Smutny’s “Auf den Flügeln des Gesangs”

“In my piece ‘Auf den Flügeln des Gesangs,’ I am concerned (as in most of my works) with a highly differentiated musical language. Very special sound forms and playing techniques meet the effect of a remote tone of singing,” says composer Daniel Smutny, whose new clarinet solo work will receive its world premiere 0n 22 February 2010 at the 5th “musica viva” event in Munich. The soloist at the Museum Villa Stuck will be Christopher Corbett.

Daniel Smutny continues:
“The piece vacillates back and forth between two imaginary ideas: the figure of ‘Arlecchino’ and just barely perceptible, very slow singing as if from the most remote distance. Harlequin, or Arlecchino in Italian, is a servant figure from the Commedia dell’arte of the Renaissance.
He is usually dressed in a colourful patchwork gown out of rhombic-shaped pieces of cloth, wearing a cap with cloth horns with a rooster feather or a fox tail and also a black half-mask which reveals a bump or the beginning of a horn on his forehead. His name means “little devil,” as in the Italian (H)ellechin(o). Dante Alighieri mentions a demon named Alichino (ice-treader in the German translation) in the 21st canto of the Inferno of his Divine Comedy.
The poetic line of the title is disclosed in various stages: the buzzing movement of the wings, the bird flight which appears calm and elevated from afar, the musical decoration of an extended arc of song, the intangible reverie of a conveyed tone, but also the crazy, virtuoso contortions of Arlecchino, with a light, virtuoso bravura.”

22 February 2010
„musica viva“, Museum Villa Stuck, 7 PM
World premiere: Daniel Smutny
„Auf den Flügeln des Gesangs“ for clarinet solo
Soloist: Christopher Corbett


Copyright of the photo: Museum Villa Stuck


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