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Ins Dunkle, ins Offene – Documentation on Peter Ruzicka, 18 December on Bavarian Television

The poet Paul Celan has played a major role in Peter Ruzicka’s works for decades. His opera “Celan” was composed in 2000. This was one of the main reasons why the Munich author and filmmaker Klaus Voswinckel, whose doctoral dissertation was on Celan, decided to make a film on Ruzicka.

The producer visited the music manager, conductor and composer in his home city of Hamburg, illuminating, in his film “Into the Dark, into the Open,” the distance of the composer in relation to the inner vehemence of his music.

Voswinckel includes various works by Ruzicka in his film documentation: the 3rd String Quartet “…über ein Verschwinden” (About a Disappearance) played by the Minguet Quartet, the piano pieces “Parergon” with Sphie-Mayuko Vetter as pianist and the Nietsche Lieder with Thomas E. Bauer (baritone) and Siegfried Mauser (piano). In addition, Voswinckel accompanies Ruzicka to Bremen where the latter conducts his opera “Celan.”

Ins Dunkle, ins Offene (Into the Dark, into the Open)
The Composer Peter Ruzicka

A Film by Klaus Voswinckel
(60 min.)

First broadcast: Bavarian Television
Thursday, 18 December 2009 at 12:15 AM (in the night before Friday)

Camera: Dieter Matzka, Ulrike Pötter; Sound: Micha Müller, Max Vornehm
Cutting: Robert Vakily; Assistance: Ulrike Voswinckel; Speaker: Martin Umbach
Editing: Korbinian Meyer, Mechthild Albus
A Klaus Voswinckel Film Production Commissioned by the BR (2009)


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