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Manuel Munzlinger: World Premiere of the “BaRock concerto” in Berlin

Manuel Munzlinger’s “BaRock concerto” will be given its world premiere performance on 19 December 2009 at the Cathedral in Berlin. Munzlinger (oboist and conductor) and his string orchestra will play the work during the course of the event “I am a Donkey, Old and Weak…! Herbert Feuerstein Celebrates Christmas.”

The composer has supplied the following commentary:

“Always questions about music, which is to be consumed without package inserts. That one can play without additional studies and instructions for use.  'Write some music that rocks. That's simple and fun and sounds real easy-going and cool!' I'd like to take these needs seriously, to be allowed to take these needs seriously. I don't want to leave the field to the kings of triviality, whose crudeness leaves us with tears in our ears.

I want fun music! Music that makes you grin from ear to ear.'Grinning' music, 'smiling' music, 'LOL' music. I want to show what works. Whatever works.

Albinoni could do that. And Vivaldi. They were my models here. I copied from them. It has also become a baroque concerto. With a consistent basso continuo. Only the rhythm, harmonies and melodies are influenced by the music that we all (whether we want to or not) have implanted in our ganglia in the everyday bustle of acoustic irradiation.”

19 December 2009
Berlin, Dom, 8 PM
World premiere: Manuel Munzlinger
“BaRock concerto“ for oboe, strings and basso continuo
String orchestra
Manuel Munzlinger (oboe and conductor)


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