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Manfred Trojahn turns 60 – the Composer as Guest at NDR Kultur

He is a person who is accustomed to realising his compositional work processes with paper and pencil, says Manfred Trojahn. This important contemporary composer has maintained this method of working to the present day. He needs the computer rarely or only when its inclusion is indispensable, for the music itself and its process of creation is directly bound with his life circumstances. Manfred Trojahn will turn 60 on 22 October.

The main emphasis of his work is in the area of orchestral music, which, in particular, reflects his expressionistically coloured, freely atonal formal language based on dodecaphony, as well as in experimental chamber music. The following works of Manfred Trojahn have been published by Sikorski Publishers: “Architectura caelestis” for women’s voices and orchestra, “Hommage au temps perdu” for soprano, 2 pieces for soprano, flute, clarinet, violoncello and celesta (piano), Kammerkonzert (Chamber Concerto) for eight instruments, “Les couleurs de la pluie” for eight flutes, “Objet trouvée” for flute and harpsichord, Risse des Himmels (Fissures of the Sky) for soprano, flute and piano, Symphony No. 1 and String Quartet No. 1.

Manfred Trojahn will be a guest on the programme “neue musik” in the studio of NDR Kultur on 21 October 2009, starting at 9:35 PM and will speak about the current music scene, his own work and his period of study with Diether de la Motte at the Academy of Music in Hamburg.


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