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Moritz Eggert’s “Industrial” for percussion solo to be premiered in Passau

Moritz Eggert’s new work “Industrial” for percussion solo will receive its world premiere in Passau on 29 October 2009. Peter Sadlo will be the interpreter at Niedernburg Monastery. The world premiere of the version for percussion and orchestra already took place this year on 12 February in Stuttgart.

The title “Industrial” refers, on the one hand, to a certain musical tendency especially made popular by bands like “Einstürzende Neubauten” (Collapsing New Buildings), also called “industrial.” In this type of punk music, extreme and experimental sounds bordering on noise are used, often produced by scrap parts or industrial rubbish.

A commercial orientation of the industrial style was somewhat later “techno,” in which similar sounds were produced with electronic means, although attention was directed towards general suitability for dancing. Both musical trends embody certain ideas of futurism – a fast tempo, the presence of machine-like processes and the attempt to create ecstasy by repeating sounds, including dissonant sounds.

“In my piece,” says Eggert, “I was interested in transferring certain stylistic means associated with these kinds of music to an orchestral apparatus; with me, this is of course not without criticism of these musical processes.”

29 October 2009
Passau, Kloster Niedernburg
World premiere: Moritz Eggert
„Industrial“ for percussion solo
Soloist: Peter Sadlo (percussion)


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