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Franghiz Ali-Zadeh: World Premiere of “Deniz” in Bern

The new concerto work “Deniz” by the Azerbaijani composer Franghiz Ali-Zadeh will receive its world premiere on 19 October 2009 at the Culture Casino in Bern during the opening concert of the festival “Culturescapes.”

The soloist will be Ivan Monighetti (violoncello), performing together with the Azerbaijani State Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Teymur Göychayev.

The composer has supplied the following commentary on the origin of her work:

“Ivan Monighetti and I performed the world premiere of my cello work ‘Habil-sajagi’ exactly thirty years ago at the St. Petersburg Philharmonie. Since that time, the violoncello has become my favourite instrument; I consider it to be the most perfect instrument for the interpretation of contemporary chamber music. Alongside the unlimited possibilities of the violoncello in regard to playing techniques and register, it can also wonderfully ‘imitate’ the timbres of Azerbaijani instruments, sometimes sounding like a kemancha, or a Ud, or a balaban. (…)

For the opening concert in Berne I allowed myself to be inspired, for the first time, by the idea of combining the cello sound with a group of national percussion instruments and a chamber orchestra, whereby I associate the resultant contrasting timbres with definite images having a special emotional significance for me. In the one-movement composition ‘Deniz’ (Sea), each component of the overall ensemble has a definite function: the violoncello provides an individually lyrical statement, the rhythmic group is endowed with a spontaneous and wondrous elementary force, and the chamber orchestra has an organising and interconnecting role, forming a kind of ‘timbral bridge’ between the ‘voice’ of the cello soloist and the environmental sounds of the rhythmic group.”

19 October 2009
Bern, Culturescapes festival
Kultur-Casino, 7 PM
World premiere: Franghiz Ali-Zadeh
„Deniz“ for violoncello, percussion and chamber orchestra
Ivan Monighetti (violoncello)
Azerbaijan state chamber orchestra (cond: Teymur Göychayev)


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